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Next Training Week: May 16th - May 21st (2022)

Have you ever thought about becoming a SCUBA Diver?

Are you interested in environmental conservation?

Do you think about strange things like "How can I make the world a better place and healthier for the future"?


You are not alone! Aqualogic Divers think about these things all the time. We have a lot of time to think actually. Our job entails spending 2-3 hours a day pulling invasive aquatic plants from the fragile underwater ecosystems in the Lakes and Ponds in Upstate NY.


Not only is this time good for the environment, It is good for you! It is quiet under the water, nothing to think about other than the fish, the turtles and of course, your job! Did I mention this is a job?!


And better yet, there is NO upfront cost to this program! All accepted applicants will receive FREE SCUBA certifications. We expect all applicants to commit to work from May to August as detailed in the attached schedule. The value of these free certifications is over $2000!


We know that different colleges have different summer schedules and are flexible in our hiring process. If your availability varies slightly from the attached schedule you may still be eligible to participate in this internship program. So apply and see what happens :)


You get paid to SCUBA dive and save the environment! $120.00 per day and housing. Housing on Loon Lake in the Adirondack Park. Neighbors to a pub and Canadian geese.


This program gives you life long international PADI Scuba certifications that you can use anywhere in the world. This internship is designed for the forward thinker. Participants in this program have opportunities to continue to climb the PADI Ladder in following years.


In the Underwater Soldier Program you will learn the basics of SCUBA Diving while earning your PADI Open Water Certification and PADI Weed Control Certification during your initial training week. 


This training will allow you to harvest invasive aquatic plants using SCUBA diving and your hands and will qualify you to work as an Underwater Soldier in our 2022 internship program. 


This is an intense program. Being a dive professional is a privilege that must be respected. Inability to participate in the harvesting or training will disqualify you from the internship and you will be asked to leave the program.




SCUBA Certifications included in this program:

1.) PADI Open Water Certification 

2.) American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED

4.) PADI Weed Control Certification


*Please review the attached schedule


Underwater Soldier Internship Info:

1.) FREE TRAINING - $2000.00 Value!! Your commitment to work from May to August is expected.

2.) Pay - $120.00 per 8 hr work day. Work is scheduled Mon-Friday after training is complete. 

3.)Bunkhouse at the Dive and Guide - Community Living. Non Coed Dorms. Wifi, Utilities and Trash included.

4.) Community cooking area. There is a grocery store in town and a restaurant next door to the housing.

5.)Transportation to and from dive sites, harvesting locations and local activities.

6.)Access to Laundry Machine and Dryer

7.) Rental of all necessary gear for training and the job.

7.)Discounted rates on dive equipment from dive shop. (If you choose to buy gear, purchase of gear is not necessary to participate in the internship program.


*You must be enrolled in college/university to participate in this program.



Please email us at if you are interested. We will send you an application to fill out and schedule a zoom meeting.

-Dominic Jude, PADI Dive Instructor

Come Dive With Us!

Thanks for submitting!

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